About this blog

A little more about He and She

HE is a former TV sports producer who turned to the more inspiring world of education  – and HE’s a constant foodie. SHE is an actress, author, producer, and a stuck-like-a-magnet to HE kind of gal.

HE has spent a lifetime tasting wines.  Beginning with the wines his parents brought back from Napa,  Sonoma and Santa Barbara area from the 1970’s and 1980’s to his own collections  beginning in the late 80’s.  Add to that experience a professional wine-making brother (again in Napa and Sonoma), his time selling wine in Beverly Hills, and making taste distinctions for every sort of food and wine imaginable, HE is a true Olympian in the food and wine tasting space.   SHE on the other hand thinks fine dining is anytime you sit rather than stand to eat your Cliff Bar and is cursed w/a simpler palate.

HE has perfected the art of the sandwich for tailgating before USC football games. SHE has been to one only two USC games and thinks USC band leader Art Bartner is God.

HE married her to get her family’s spaghetti sauce recipe (3 generations, thank you) and SHE married Him for His wine collection, His stunning memory for restaurants, and becuase HE does his own laundry.

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