Cornerstone Cellars

Cornerstone Cellars, Napa Valley, CA

cornerstone_01 Cornerstone Cellars in Napa Valley asked us to review two wines for them.  We’re honored that they trust us enough to know that we would be honest even when the wines are complimentary.  That’s just how we roll.  So, let’s get to drinking and sharing… Cornerstone Cellars makes just two (2) wines.  Both Cabernet Sauvignon, one named Howell Mountain and another named just Napa Valley.  They make their wines in a collective facility helping to make a smaller carbon footprint in Napa Valley.   SHE loves environmentally aware people and products and this is an extra special bonus for these exceptional wines. Celebrating their 17th vintage, Cornerstone works with one of the world’s finest winemakers, Celia Masyczek. The wines arrived and SHE showed exceptional discipline, let the wines settle for two weeks and we drank last night with another foodie while we dined on small grilled steaks, roasted rosemary potatoes, grilled asparagas and a luscious salad with HE’s homemade Parmesan dressing.
CORNERSTONE CELLARS 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, Howell Mountain —
From the moment SHE opened it, poured and sniffed, she said, “It’s a classic! It smells exactly like a perfect cabernet.”  From the Howell Mountain district, the grapes were fermented on the skin before pressing.  Aged in French Oak (75% new) Beautiful results.
HE SAYS: Very good structure.  He gives it a 16+ (you’ll recall HIS high score is a 20 and he scores like a Russian judge).  Low tanin, medium acid, HE tastes Cocoa, dark fruit and berries.  Has a great mouth feel.  Drink in a few years.
Attenzione!  If I could trade you in for water, I would.  Forget water — just serve me the 2004 Howell Mountain.  I love a wine that bites me back and this one did just fine.  This wine would turn me into a very fun companion on long car trips.
CORNERSTONE CELLARS 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley —
Remember the song from kindergarden “My hat it has three corners…” Well this Cabernet hails from three corners of Napa: Howell Mountain, Oakville and Southeast corner of Napa Valley.  Grapes were tank-fermented before being pressed and then aged in oak.
HE SAYS: Softer and Silky feel.    Cherry and Berry flavors.  GREAT FRUIT! – Delicious. A berry bomb.  More acid than tanning.  A really approachable wine.  Enjoy this wine now.
You’re nice, and I like you, I’ll drink you in toto — but why do you make me work so hard to know who you are?  (In the black and white film version of this moment, she, looking suspiciously like Veronica Lake,  throws the glass across the room and it shatters on the yellow wall.  The glass is empty. She drank it all.)

Visit their site, learn about their intense dedication to winemaking and order a couple of bottles for yourself.  You’ll see – well, actually, you’ll taste and then you’ll see.  Thank you, Cornerstone Cellars!

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