2008 Montes – Sauvignon Blanc, Leyda Vineyard, Leyda Valley, Chile

Montes, Sauvignon Blanc, Limited Selection

Montes, Sauvignon Blanc, Ltd. Selection

HE and SHE both say: Well, here we are, in South America again. Only figuratively speaking this time. A Chilean Sauvignon Blanc we picked up at Costco for about $10.  It was made by Montes, a pioneer in the Chilean wine industry, and the writeup seemed promising, so let’s give it a shot.
2008 Montes – Sauvignon Blanc, Leyda Vineyard, Leyda Valley, Chile, Limited Selection — (a very long name) —

After we’ve been drinking the wine for a few minutes . . .

HE SAYS: Smell it — what do you get?

SHE SAYS: Occasionally I breathe wine up through my nose!  (Purely by accident. Just thought you should know.)

HE SAYS: Uh, OK.  What do you taste? I taste a distinct citrus fruit. (And then he looks at SHE daring her to guess which citrus.)

SHE SAYS: (Visibly sorting through her limited mental notes on citrus) I’m going to guess. . . that the citrus you taste . . . must be . . . lemon?

HE SAYS: Grapefruit.

SHE SAYS: Ha, ha, ha!!!! So wrong again!  ( She lets one of her famous laughs rip through the night air and slaps the table.)

HE SAYS: This is a very nice sauv blanc. The nose was maybe a bit of butterscotch and grass.  Taste is grapefruit and light tropical flavors, nicely balanced with a crisp amount of acid. A good food wine, especially with shellfish. Quite nice, especially for the price.  Score: 15

SHE SAYS: This is a happy, friendly wine! Welcome to my summer table any day.  It would even be great with breakfast.

HE says: About Montes Premium Wines.  Aurelio Montes pioneered much of the quality production in Chile.  His Montes Alpha M line of premium red wines from the Apalta Valley garnered great accolades and really put Chilean wines on the map (and table) for the rest of the world. This Sauvignon Blanc is from the Leyda Valley in Chile, which is a new Denomination of Origen, about 6 miles from the Pacific Ocean.  This wine is fermented in stainless steel and has never touched oak.

llamasSHE SAYS: They have a picture of a llama on their site, so I can’t wait to visit.  Can we consider a llama instead of a dog?

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