Happy New Year!

"Come quickly! I am drinking the stars!"

SHE Says: Happy New Year to you, our wine friends!   I trust you can feel the change in the air.  2009 was a heavy year and 2010 feels lighter already.    You’ve already had your New Year’s champagne no doubt, so I will just share a champagne story with you.

At least two friends have shared they received 1993 Dom Perignon as a gift, and had stored it away, waiting for a special occasion.  One was stored in “perfect” conditions and another stored in imperfect conditions and you guessed it, both turned on them.   Special occasions are indeed special and you want a special drink for them, but Ai, yai, yai!  It’s SUNDAY!  That’s special enough for me!

If you have a special champagne and you want to wait for a special occasion to drink it, you can wait — but don’t wait too long.   With the best of temperature controlled storage, although Dom Perignon was a Benedictine monk, his eternal spirit can get impatient waiting for you to figure out that every day can be a special day!   Look at the belly on that guy. He was drinking way more than you.

If you need justification to open that bottle, just send me an email and I”ll help you come up with any number of excellent reasons to open that bottle for any day of the year. Deal?  Deal.

HE Says: Ditto

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