pinot noir

Torii Mor, 2007 Pinot Noir, Oregon

HE and SHE both say: A gift from our friend “Andy” who happened to pick it up at BevMo.  Sometimes good wines are just a practical thing.   This a very affordable, very palatable daily table wine.

Torii Mor winery is in Dundee, Oregon.    HE is foggy with his memory of visiting Torii Mor with Andy in 2001.   HE remembers being lost on the road in Oregon wine country.  There was a lot of fog, and he recalls thinking  “This can’t be right…we are lost…this isn’t it…”  and then voila!   Like arriving at a retreat, he recalls.    Nice thing about the fog – very few will brave the confusion and mystery all the way to the end,  so they had the winery to themselves.  A passageway to beautiful things as the Japanese name Torii Mor promises.  To read complete details of the creation of this winery and the meaning of Torii Mor, the link is here:

And so, for the Torii Mor, 2007 Pinot Noir we share:

HE SAYS: Nice, nose.  Rose petals and violet.  Pleasant cherry flavors.  Not big body though.  nice and drinkable.  Serve with:  Dinner – pork with cranberry or apple sauce on the side.

SHE SAYS: A very sexy everyday wine.  Serve with:  A friend who likes to get nekked. 😉

Torii Mor is busy organizing their operations in a way that respects the environment and is pursuing their LEED certification.  If you’re in the Oregon wine country, why not stop in and check it out.

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