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Melinda’s wine photo published in NewsMax magazine.

HE and SHE both say: NewsMax Magazine emailed us a few weeks ago while they were writing an article on the best wines of Argentina.  Nice work if you can get it.    They requested permission to re-print Melinda’s photo of three bottles of Achaval Ferrer wine, a photo taken in the Achaval Ferrer tasting room in Argentina.

So here you go… proof of our emerging clout in the wine industry…ha, ha…  It’s two photos of the photo!   It appears in NewsMax March 2010 issue.   Yeah, it’s that tiny little thing in the middle with a barely perceptible credit on the far right hand side of the page.  On newsstands now! Hurry before it shrinks any smaller.

It’s actually a really great photo in it’s original size and you can see the original photo at this post:

Melinda’s photo published in NewsMax magazine, March 2010 issue.

Melinda’s photo of 3 Achaval Ferrer wine bottles published in NewsMax magazine March 2010.

HE SAYS: She’s finally published.  I wonder if she’ll chill now.

SHE SAYS:  Nope. I love to share!

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