Cab Franc

Cornerstone: Stepping Stone Cab Franc 2007 (Los Carneros, Napa Valley)

Cornerstone CellarsWell, it’s that time again.  Cornerstone Cellars sent us four bottles of wine to review.  (Thank you, Cornerstone!)  We organized two wine dinners to taste the wines with friends and the feedback is outstanding.  We even included their observations in these posts. 😉 Cornerstone brands are completely consistent year after year.  Amazing.  Something special happening over there.

Stepping Stone Cab Franc 2007 –  HE AND SHE BOTH SAY: Let’s talk about Stepping Stone.    Cornerstone’s intent with their brand Stepping Stone is to make Stepping Stone from Cornerstone Cellars, He Said She Said Wine Blogexcellent wines at moderate prices.  Don’t know about you, but we’re eager explorers  and take more chances when the prices are moderate.  Direct from their site, Cornerstone writes:  “For us, each new vintage is a stepping stone, one step in the never-ending voyage of exploration that is winemaking.”  So when you’re ready for a new experience Stepping Stone will be a reliable experiment.

HE SAYS: This cab franc is very soft and supple, with distinct cherry notes.  It is medium bodied, easy to drink and quite pleasant.   No tannin to speak of, so enjoy it now.  I gave it a very respectable score of 14.

SHE SAYS: Whoa!  You have my attention!

SERVE WITH: This cab franc will go with a lot of foods that pair well with red wine with, such as beef, pork or Italian food, or you can just drink enjoy with some noshes.

We let our friends chime in with their notes on the wine:

KMS: Easy & inviting & rich.
CC: Zingy, peppery taste
AR: Didn’t do anything for me.
SL : Very drinkable, inviting, soft & smooth
TE: I wish I could stop thinking about beer.
KS: Very ready to drink
MS: Oh, I’m sooo drunk.  (Recognize that? It’s the mating call of the Southern belle.)

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