Cornerstone Cellars 2006 Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Cornerstone Cellars Howell Mountain Cabernets… mmmmmm.  You don’t share them with just anybody.  Choose your friends ‘wisely’ for the sharing of this wine as you want to be sure they appreciate the textures, the mood, the love.  And maybe choose your friends with long noses because the aromas are 1/2 of the romance with the Howell Mountain Cabs.

We haven’t visited Howell Mountain yet, but those mountains are calling to us with this wine.  We hear the terrain is rugged and this is what helps to give this cabernet its intensity and power. The wine holds the spirit of the terroir and so will you after you drink it.    If you’re still wondering what the mysterious “terroir” is that wine enthusiasts talk about, taste the Cornerstone Cellars Howell Mountain and you will grasp it.  Terroir is the land, it is the terrain, it is the fog, the air,  the people, the fruit — the everything.

Like most Howell Mountain wines, this one is big and bold.  The nose was very intoxicating — I just kept on wanting to inhale it.  It is a very complex and well balanced wine, with wonderful cherry flavors and medium tannins. The ’06 is very enjoyable now, but you could age this wine for a few years and allow the tannins to soften even more.  Serve with meat! Really quite nice, I gave it a very strong score of 16.

SHE SAYS: You’re a little mysterious, aren’t you?  Bold and sexy, but mysterious.  I want to meet you back here in a few years.

S: Very tannic. Opened up nicely to subtle cherry’s.  Beautiful Oak.
KS:  Opened up quickly and nicely.  Very pleasing experience.  I’d like to go there again.
KMS: A seductive tango of berrys with subtext.
T :  Opened rapidly.  I forgot all about beer for a moment.
CC:  I want more.  Has a nice peppery midrange.
AR:  I’d drink it again and I’m a picky girl.

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