Cornerstone Cellar’s brand – Stepping Stone 2007 Grenache, Red Hills Lake County

Stepping Stone 2007 Grenache, Red Hills Lake County

Have you heard?  SHE loves Lake County more than Napa and Sonoma.

HE and SHE both say: SHE loves wines made from the grapes of Lake County.  Have you been there yet? It’s a pretty well kept secret.   Lake County is just 40 mins. north of Napa & Sonoma.  Beautiful trees, no crowds.  Think of an upside down wish bone.  Napa is on the right point, Sonoma is on the left point and Lake County is at the top of the stem.  Here’s the map. (Hey! What’s that over to the right? Do I see Lake Berryessa?  Oh, a complete coincidence to be sure!)

The history of the area is that Lake County was a booming wine town before prohibition even more popular than Napa & Sonoma in that day.  Prohibition caused them all to suffer.  When prohibition was lifted, Napa and Sonoma prospered famously, and Lake County became a bit like the wise, but distant uncle.  He’s awesome, but he lives so far away, no one visits.    Well, we did visit as one of SHE’s films was in the Coyote Film Festival and we loved wines made from their grapes! While we were there we learned that Lake County  soil has a LOT of volcanic ash and obsidian, and SHE guesses that that is why there is extra electricity in the grapes from Lake County.   Well, leave it to Cornerstone Cellars to find the hidden secrets of the nearby lands.  Hip, hip, hurrah!  They know just what to do with those Lake County grapes.

HE: I’ll start with my last note that I wrote — Yum!  I’m a big fan of grenache, whether it’s from Spain, France, Australia or California, as this one is. The varietal has lots of fruit, is easy to drink, and complements a lot of foods. This grenache had real nice structure.  It had tasty cherry flavors and a tad bit of tannins. All in all, a delicious mouthful — hence the “Yum!” I enjoyed it more than our guests, but if you like grenache, this one is nicely done! 15+

It’s your dry sense of humor that won me over.  If your sense of humor is dry enough, you’ll get a kiss.

AL:  I haven’t had this much acid since the 60’s (don’t believe him – he’s not that old.)
RP:  After you taste it it goes ffsshhh*  (means she likes what it’s doing in her mouth ;-))
LS:  What is that herb?
JC:  I’ve never had a wine bite like this.  After about 5 seconds it’s like “WOW!”

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