Quick trip to Big Bear Lake reveals GREAT new foodie place.

HE and SHE both say: A quick trip to Big Bear Lake, CA is so easy from Los Angeles.  A 2 hour drive and you’re surrounded by the fresh air, big trees and the big love that only nature can provide.  Here are two Big Bear Lake foodie treasures we discovered this weekend:

(1) The Copper Q –  The Q in Copper Q stands for the owner’s daugher’s name,

Barrysentials He Said~She Said Wine Blog recommends The Copper Q in Big Bear Lake, CA

and we bet that you’ll see more Copper Q’s (or imitators) in more cities very soon.  Outstanding design of a casual bakery/cafe, cooking demonstration kitchen and high end appliance / dining decor/ chef tools / gadget store all rolled into one.

They bake all day long! Anytime you stop in, you’ll smell something baking.  Ahhhh heaven…. And the treasures they bake are then for sale right there in the cafe.  You can sit and watch cooking demonstrations, have coffee with pastry, eat lunch AND shop for more kitchen appliances, table decor and kitchen gadgets  … (Because you know the one who dies with the most kitchen gadgets wins.)

(2)  and at the Copper Q, the great discovery for us – Madagascar discovers Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste

Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste from Nielsen-Massey Vanillas.  Bourbon is for the Bourbon Islands off the coast of Africa  (not the American whiskey)  “The finest pure vanillas in the world, ” says their website, so check it out! An easier, more accessible, more intense vanilla flavoring.  SHE insisted on buying a jar because then HE will be able to make his vanilla rice recipe more often.  Yummmmmmmmmm…

Another reason to visit Big Bear Lake this fall? Oktoberfest!

Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest -- lots of fun!

Now through October 30.  Considered one of the country’s best Oktoberfests, and the #1 Oktoberfest in California, they have a German Band in residence for the 6 weeks of the festival, a special event hall built JUST for Oktoberfest, great Oktoberfest foods, beers, fun dancing and hilarious competitions every weekend.  It’s their 40th anniversary, so they know exactly how this celebration should go!  Click here for the details!

What about wine? (Are you whining?)  Well, there was a wine walk in downtown Big Bear with special wine tastings in many downtown shops — excellent event design! — but we just got back from a wine trip in Santa Barbara, CA so we felt like experiencing Oktoberfest instead.

Wherever you celebrate the fall harvest, we wish you lots of love and laughs.

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