Halloween Gifts: Vampire Wine? Yep! Happy Halloween!

SHE Says: When HE finds out I posted this, he might make me take it down, but it’s my favorite holiday HALLOWEEN and I wanted to be sure you know that there’s a wine to match!

Vampire Wine

Vampire Wine

VAMPIRE WINE – Believe it or not, Vampire wine used to come from Transylvania.  Seriously? Seriously. Right in the center of Romania the finest wines in the world were produced a loooong time ago.   Legend has it that the wine from Transylvania was so good that the Romans stole many of the vines and replanted them in Italy.  Those Romans…  Years later, (can someone do the math for me?)  some very clever Americans imported the wine from Transylvania and branded it Vampire Wine.  I LOVED it.  Reds so dark  you could pretend it really was blood.  And what a great gift at Halloween time.  Perfect.

Alas, no more.   Now they are just another vineyard in Paso Robles.   No problems, Paso Robles wines are outstanding – it’s just not Transylvania.  The vampire from Paso Robles? Ok, I’m trying.  They are still enjoying the Vampire theme and extending their brand like any good American would.   I haven’t tasted it yet, so I can’t  vouch for the taste,  but I can definitely vouch for the fun.  So give it a go!  Take a few bottles to your favorite Halloween party! You’ll be the coolest ghoul in the room.

Wines from Transylvania

Wines from Transylvania

TRANSYLVANIA WINES: Romanian wines are ultra-dramatic, so if you’d like to check out real wines from Translyvania, click here:   🙂
They’re “bloody good”.    Romania is on our list for next year, so we will report back first hand.

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  1. Your welcome and thank you! Yes, I tasted actually a few of them and they was all good. Hubby did not wanted to try the Vampire wine…got to be a mental thing or something. However, we did tried the Transylvania one. It was really good. It amaze me though how cheap their wines are. I thought Germany alcohol was cheap but Romania are cheaper and yet taste great!


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