Wine from Catalina Island? Yes!

SHE has said to HE a few times, “Lets take the ferry over to Catalina Island.”
HE has replied, “What for?”  lol…
Now SHE can respond, “To taste the wines!”  SHE wins!

SHE SAYS: Alison Wrigley Rusack is my new best friend.  I hope she doesn’t mind.  She’s made

Catalina Vineyard View - She says "Gorgeous!"

sure the Rusack wine making legacy now includes grapes grown on Catalina Island, about 20 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, California.  She wants to share the beauty of that island with as many people as she can and a vineyard is a brilliant way to accomplish that desire.  Hooray!

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel grapes are on their way to becoming wines. Read the full story at the LA Times:

Read even more about the Catalina harvest on the Rusack website:

Is it too soon to camp out for the opening?

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