Which Wine Would Barry Serve?

“Cheeses for Jesus” or “Which cheeses made the cut for our French Christmas Breakfast?”

SHE says:  Let’s have a French Christmas breakfast with lots of new French cheeses.

Four French Cheeses for Jesus

HE says:  A sort of “Cheeses for Jesus!”

And so it was.  If you ‘d like to see the pictures and read about our full Cheeses for Jesus morning, stop on over at this blog post and enjoy! Easy French Holiday Breakfast! and if you like,    For a quick link to Sparkling Wines we served with these cheeses CLICK HERE!

Four fabulous French fromage we had never tried before.  Here are our notes.  We hope you enjoy!

Carre Du Poitou – The one sort of melting on the left of the photo – just under the salami.   HE says:  Very soft and creamy goat cheese.  Somewhat like the texture and taste of a brie or epoisse but not as rich.  SHE says:  You didn’t tell me we were making a stop in heaven!

Fromage d’ Affinois – Cheese on the right bottom of the photo.  Confused with brie, but very different process. HE says:  Stinky and creamy. Yellow color.  Made from cow’s milk. Stronger flavor. Pungent.  SHE says:  The only way to have cow’s milk is after it’s been made into something like this.

Abbeya de Bellac –  Upper right hand corner of the photo.  Traditionally made by Benedictine Monks in the Basque region.  HE says:  This is a hard cheese but still creamy.  Sheep’s cheese. Nutty.   SHE says:  Now you understand how the Catholic girls get crushes on the priests.

Navarre –   A firmer cheese that is very creamy made from a blend of cow and sheep milk.  The rind is packed with rosemary, pepper and additional herbs.  HE says:  Very good flavors.   SHE says:  I love it when you mix it all up and the herbs get caught in the cheese.  Completely different experience.

Where in the world did we find these cheeses?   The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills.   Make a visit to their website and get your cheese on. 🙂 http://www.cheesestorebh.com/ We hope you’ll create your own French holiday breakfast because it’s so much fun and leaves everyone happier!

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