French Sparkling Wines – Charles LaFitte Rose Prestige, Trocadero Brut Blanc de Blanc

HE and SHE both say:  There are laws now to protect using the word “Champagne” on a bottle of bubbly and we say good for the French!  They are protecting their Champagne brand and you can be sure you are getting the real deal.   The Italians have Prosecco, The French have Champagne and, well, we have Sparkling Wine.  Don’t be disappointed – these are so much fun.   Two simple, inexpensive French sparkling wines that will put a sparkle in any breakfast, brunch or holiday cocktail hour you have planned.   No vintages on these as they are a cuvee (blend) of several years.   Both are value priced around $10 – $12.   Read about our French Holiday Breakfast right here.

Charles LaFitte Rose Prestige:
HE says:  A nice rose with hints of strawberries.  I’ll give you a 15 even though you’re  pink.
SHE says:  Light, very soft bubbles, and it’s pink! Look at you!  You are so soft and sweet, and  those pink cheeks! I would totally introduce you to my sisters. 


Trocadero Brut Blanc de Blanc:
HE says: Nice, basic bubbly, sparkling wine.  Perfect for mimosas.  I’ll score this one a 14
SHE Says:  Whoa! You’re one big strong, pay attention to me kind of sparkler.
If you’d like a guide to buying real champagne (grown and bottled in the actual Champagne region of France)  read over this simple guide from Linda Natali on eHow.

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