Total Wine Opens New Store in Redondo Beach, CA

She says:  Total Wine opened a new store in Redondo Beach, CA.   Have you heard of them yet?  Take a peek.  As you may have surmised from earlier posts, I’m a fan of very few big box stores. Unless they are fully staffed with knowledgeable, helpful people, I tend to get overwhelmed, lost, confused  and I can feel my soul being sucked out of my body as I wind down the maze of aisles and shelves.

He Said ~ She Said Wine Blog at Total Wine store opening.

Today I have a new perspective.  He and She attended the opening of Total Wine’s new store in Redondo Beach, CA.  Total Wine is a right-sized wine retailer, albeit in a big box store, but the owners (brothers David Trone and Robert Trone) are so completely committed to serving their communities, making wine accessible to everyone and have done such a great job hiring knowledgeable, helpful oriented employees – you end up loving them and the store.

Total Wine has made a major commitment to training their employees to make them the most knowledgeable wine sellers in the country along with choosing just the sweetest people.  Reasons I’ll be visiting the Total Wine store near me and reasons I encourage you to visit the one near you:

1) Weekly wine tastings in the store. The best way to enjoy wine is to keep tasting, keep learning and keep reading our blog!  Depending on which state you live in, the tastings are free or you pay just a small donation fee.  At special events you’ll be able to meet the wine-makers and the wine experts, so check it out.  

2) Passionate and thoroughly educated wine professionals to educate you and assist you with your purchases.

3) Opportunities for very inexpensive and more in-depth educational tastings for you and your friends in their on-site training room.  In case you haven’t noticed, wine tastings have become overpriced in the last few years with events costing you upwards of $50/per person and sometimes with inexperienced people pouring wine they know nothing about.   Enough of that nonsense, gather your friends and schedule some time at Total Wine.

4) Staff recommendations on specific bottles of wine are right there on the shelves while you are shopping, so if you have more questions, you can talk to the person who recommended the wine and learn more.

Last night’s ribbon cutting ceremony was humorous, quick and generous to the community with a $10,000 donation to the Redondo Beach Library Foundation (Libraries are one of my personal favorite causes) so Total Wine is busy earning extra points in my book!

The requisite BIG SCISSORS were on the scene and that’s always fun.  The ribbon cutting   ceremony was followed by an in-store tasting of Caymus wines.  Nice.  They brought out the big guns on the first night.  Suhweet!  I’ll post tasting notes in just a few days.

Proper disclosure:  This is not a paid post. We were two of the first 100 people to visit, so we did receive Reidel wine tumblers as a gift like the other attendees, but as you know, we’re not the types to be swayed by gifts.

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