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Wine in Moderation ~ From Concept to Practice in the European Union

 He and She both say:  While traveling in Europe we came across something  interesting.  The European Union (EU) campaign for responsible drinking of wine  called Wine in Moderation.   http://wineinmoderation.eu/

Begun in 2008, in an effort to promote the “Art de Vivre” or lifestyle of moderation in drinking wine and to reduce harm that might be associated with over drinking, the European wine industry developed “Wine in Moderation” program.  The European wine industry is certainly doing its part to promote responsible drinking.   Wine in Moderation is the EU wine industry’s formal contribution to the European Commission on Alcohol and Health.

We saw the logo displayed on vineyard websites, in magazine wine ads, in the windows of bars and restaurants and WIM brochures in the lobby of some wineries we visited.  The logo is prominently displayed here on the National Wine Month “Make Time for Wine” websiteAlso, while on the Make Time for Wine site,  there’s a link to a website with a very simple app to help you stay “Drink Aware” which is especially helpful for people who are new to tasting and drinking wine and ares still learning how to pace themselves.  The Drink Aware site separates fact from the fiction regarding alcohol so you can enjoy yourself responsibly.  Go on… click on the link…  it’s really very educational, entertaining and helpful.  http://www.drinkaware.co.uk/

She adds:  Once I started dating “He”, I learned very quickly that I absolutely could not keep up with the Olympic wine tasters in his circle of friends.
He says:  I will refrain from publishing the photo from her first wine tasting.  Her cabernet did win first place that night, she however was not awake for the winning moment.
She says:  Thanks for that.  Anyway, they are very conditioned California wine tasters with years of experience from the days of Napa/Sonoma wine expansion, to the Santa Barbara area wine explosion –  and I will never catch up.  And I’m OK with that.   I’m a committed lightweight – one too many sips and my palate becomes numb, my stomach talks back to me and the relentless computer in my brain is counting the calories.  I taste, I spit and I enjoy wearing the designated driver crown, or being the one smart enough to call a cab. 😉

If you’d like to read the full report on RESULTS from the Wine in Moderation Programme 2008 – 2009 to see how each EU country is participating, you can click here for full FREE REPORT.  Wine in Moderation Implementation Report 2008 – 2009

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