Cornerstone Cellars

Picnic Wine – 2010 Stepping Stone (from Cornerstone Cellars) Rocks! White Wine, Napa Valley

2010 Stepping Stone (from Cornerstone Cellars) Rocks! White Wine, Napa Valley  Picnic Wine - Stepping Stone Rocks! from Cornerstone Cellars

HE Says:  Cornerstone is onto a really rockin’ idea. They’re going to make a blended white and a blended red wine from the best varietals of the vintage.  It won’t be the same proportions, or even the same grapes, year after year.  This allows the winemakers lots of freedom to experiment and the ability to put out something really different and special.

For 2010, the Stepping Stone Rocks! white wine is an intriguing blend of chardonnay and muscat. I don’t think this is a combination I’ve come across before — if so, it was a long time ago.  This combo really works.  It has a hint of white peaches on the nose, making me think they added some viognier to it, but they didn’t.  The wine has a pale color, and is soft and smooth.  It has nice fruitiness, and sweet tones from the muscat grapes, but it’s not a sweet wine by any means. This wine does really rock!  I gave it a 15+, which is very strong for a white.

SHE Says:  Memories of Juicy Fruit gum come to mind.  This one sings opera – she is a soprano.

HE and SHE both say: A Sunday brunch wine, and perfect for a salad dinner and a picnic.  In fact, that’s what we expected and why we chose it for our 4th of July picnic!

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