Picnic Wine – Fourth of July Wines! – Red, White and Blueberry Wine?

SHE Says:  I wonder if there is such a thing as blueberry wine.
HE Says:  Yes. I’ve seen it. I’ve tasted it once or twice.
SHE Says:  Maybe we should have some for Fourth of July dinner?
HE Says:  No.  It’s very sweet, more like an after-dinner liqueur.
SHE Says:  And your point is…? We don’t have time for after-dinner wine?
SHE Adds:  We do have time for after-dinner wine, but no time for blueberry wine to be shipped. Tomasello’s Blueberry Wine 

SHE Says: It’s a Cornerstone 4th of July for us this year.  Cornerstone Napa sent over some Stepping Stone wines that we think are PERFECT for this Fourth of July weekend feasting!

Our dinner:  Fish tacos made with grilled salmon, grilled mahi-mahi and some seared ahi or ahi-ahi as he likes to say.  Made up a batch of some spicy mango salsa, and will serve it with some Asian cole slaw.  And in a totally different direction, slow-barbecued Memphis style baby back ribs.  Mmmm!  Gonna serve them with grilled asparagus, grilled corn, grilled potatoes (get the theme?) and…

HE interrupts:  And She will be attempting a new creation – grilled sage leaves. Something about sage leaves, olive oil, salt, pepper, wood chips and the grill.  No worries, we have a fireman in the neighborhood – we are prepared – and curious.
SHE says:  You just wait….you just wait.

HE Says:  Until then… we have three excellent Fourth Of July wines for you from Stepping Stone, the younger, wilder sister wine  fromPicnic Wine - Fourth of July Wine Stepping Stone by Cornerstone Napa Valley Rose' Corallina Syrah
Cornerstone Cellars in Napa Valley.

SHE Says: They’re so cute! They look like “Three Little Maids From School”

HE Says: And we’re moving on to describe the three wines..

Stepping Stone 2010 Rocks, White Wine, Napa Valley

Stepping Stone 2010 Riesling, Napa Valley

Stepping Stone Napa Valley Rosé Corallina (Syrah)

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