Picnic Wine – Stepping Stone 2010 Napa Valley Rosé, Corallina, Syrah

Picnic Wine – Stepping Stone 2010 Napa Valley Rosé, Corallina, Syrah

Picnic WIne - 2010 Stepping Stone Rosé Corallina from Cornerstone Cellars

Picnic Wine - note the Rooster in the background inviting you to take a "Walk on the Wild Side"

HE says:  First off, let me admit that I’m not a big Rosé fan.  I think it comes down to they don’t have the burst of fruity notes of white   wine or the complexity and power of red wine.  They seem a bit confused as to what they are — not a white, not a red, something kinda sorta in-between. That’s not to say they’re bad wines, but they just don’t really do much for me.  Producers in California have really been pushing rosés the past decade, and every one I have tried has underwhelmed me. And for some reason, all the winemakers love to suggest that rosés are the perfect wines for barbecue. Did they all get the same talking points page put out by the rosé wine council? Well for once I’m going to be serving a rosé with barbecue — ribs, fish tacos, spicy and salty asian flavors — so we’ll see how it fares.

Now that you know my thoughts on rosés, what do I think about the Stepping Stone 2010 Napa Valley Rosé?  Well, it’s made entirely from syrah grapes grown in the Oak Knoll district in Napa.  They named the wine Corallina, which means coral in Italian and sounds more alluring.  The coral refers to the color, and it is a very pretty coral color.  We described it as kissed by a strawberry.   A soft strawberry flavor predominates.  It’s crisp and refreshing, very easy drinking.  Would make a nice picnic wine. That being said, it wasn’t a “wow” wine for me, and pretty much fell into the pack with the other rosés I’ve tried over the years.  A decent 14 score.

SHE says:  A decent 14?  I hope my kisses score higher than the “kissed by a strawberry wine” 😉

HE Says:  Yes, most of your kisses do score much higher.

SHE says:  Most?!?!  Your Russian genes are showing.   About the wine:  You’re very nice.  You can stay if you want, but don’t take it personally if I dont’ remember you in the morning, ok? 😉

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Want to try Stepping Stone or other Cornerstone Wines?  Click here for more info on where and how to buy!

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