Picnic Wines – Which Wines Are People Choosing for Picnics?

Picnic wines at The Hollywood Bowl with Wynton Marsalis in the background!HE says: How about a picnic, Boo Boo?   SHE says:  Of course!  
HE says:  Let’s see Wynton Marsallis at The Hollywood Bowl.
SHE says:   Ok!  (Note to dear reader: Getting TO the Hollywood Bowl? A nightmare.  Once you’re there, a night at The Hollywood Bowl?  Priceless.)

Every city has it’s outdoor music venues, places to picnic, to enjoy the summer, breathe clean air and be thankful   for good music and outdoor venues. In Los Angeles, the best of the best outdoor venues is The Hollywood Bowl.    While picnicing before Wynton Marsalis concert, SHE got snoopy and started asking the people at nearby tables what their “picnic wine” was for that night.  Here are a few of the picnic wines from the Hollywood Bowl picnic area on June 22.

This couple chose 2007 La Finca Tempranillo from Mendoza, Argentina.  (They were sweet enough to let us post their photo, too!)  If you’ve been reading for a while then you know how much we love the wines from Mendoza.   You can read all of our Mendoza Argentina wine notes here.    This video used to have some audio with it of them telling a little story – but the audio disappeared. (thanks Moviemaker) The story goes a friend brought the wine to their house for dinner the week before and since they liked it so much, they decided to drink it again!   Value priced at $3.99 at a Trader Joe’s near you.

Although we are rather organized when it comes to food and wine, we embarrassingly enough (ok, it was She – not He)Picnic Wine - Red Diamond forgot to bring the bottle opener.  (Seriously.)  Sweet picnic peeps at the table beside us had a good laugh and loaned us their corkscrew.  What were they drinking?
An interesting red wine called Red Diamond  and a 2009 Per Bacco Chardonnay, Edna Valley that one man commented was a very “clean taste”.     Again we say “Thank you!”  to their generous loan of the cork screw. 🙂

Picnic Wines - Hollywood Bowl - NewlywedsOn to another table (people are pretty happy to talk at The Hollywood Bowl) we meet some newlyweds and hear another great story – one morning this paricular couple woke up, got ready to go to the gym, and instead they went to the courthouse and got married.  Ok!  Hmmm… what shall we do today… go to the gym to workout? Or get married?  Gym for a workout  — or get married? Hmmmm… Can you believe it?  They decided to get a workout on their soul instead and got married.  🙂 Very funny story.  And very sweet people.  Here they are sharing their picnic wine with you – 2007 Arrowhead Chardonnay.

Picnic Wine - 2009 Rabbit Ridge Rhone Style Red Wine - Allure de RoblesAnd what did He and She drink at Hollywood Bowl that night?  Rabbit Ridge 2009 Paso Robles Allure de Robles red wine.   It’s easy to choose a light white wine for summer picnic’s but if you’d like to try something a little different, we’re going to suggest you try a Zinfandel or a Pinot Noir.  A little more depth, but not so bold as to overpower your picnic food.  Happy summer picnic-ing to you!

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