Pigmentum 2008 Malbec, Georges Vigouroux, Black wine from Cahors, France:

Black Wine - Malbec from Cahors France Pigmentum 2008 Malbec

Pigmentum label - not so easy to remove - but it's here!

Black Wine: Pigmentum 2008 Malbec, Georges Vigouroux $8

He and She both say:  We had a unique opportunity to learn about the “black wine” from Cahors. You can read more about our discovery here and watch a short film about “The Scent of Black” referring to truffles and wines from Cahors France. 

He says: This Cahors malbec was very dark in color, indicative of the black wine of Cahors. It was easy to drink, but didn’t really display many of the characteristics I’ve come to associate with malbecs from Argentina. It was OK, but nothing special. Then again, it only cost $8.  I gave it a 13.

She says:  You’re hot. But that doesn’t give you permission to slap me.

Served with: Grilled spicy chicken sausage and grilled summer vegetables – corn, asparagus, green peppers. Perfect.  If you can find black truffles from the region  – do it!

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