Paso Robles Harvest: By Any Means Necessary …

She Says: See, I told you… Older men are so sexy!

He Says:  Good to know.  I guess you’ll still love me when I’m 64.

She Says: Most definitely.  Especially if you’ve got a plane and a boat and a horse and a winery?

He and She both say:  You can read more about what’s waiting for you in Paso Robles on their website.  And this video publicizing Paso Robles California Harvest Wine Weekend is hilarious!  Enjoy! And get there if you can..

We love Paso Robles and if you visit the area, you’ll love it, too.  If you live near Los Angeles don’t have time to go all the way to Sonoma, you can taste great wine and exceptional food right in Paso Robles.  Just about 2 hours from Santa Barbara if you drive near the coast, but here’s a little time saving secret for you…

She Says:  If you take Interstate 5 from Los Angeles to Paso Robles (instead of driving through the always busy Santa Barbara) you’ll find there’s less traffic, GORGEOUS scenery and you’ll arrive in Paso Robles about 30 minutes faster. Check it out… and if you get there before me ~ tell Paso Man I’ll find him by any means necessary. 😉

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