Halloween Gifts – Try the Vampire Vineyards Wine Collection and stop in at The Vampire Lounge and Tasting Room

Halloween gifts – what’s a girl to do?

Vampire Lounge, Beverly Hills, CA

SHE says:
  You can show up with some standard tiny candies, or be the Halloween gift bearer who brings something healthy ~ or be a Halloween gift giving star.  I suggest you be the Halloween gift giving star this year.

Here’s my secret to a great Halloween gift:  Vampire Vineyards wines, Vampyre Vodka, Vampire Coffee and Vampire Chocolate ~ WHAT?!?

My love affair with Vampire Vineyards continues.  I loved it more when the wine was actually from Transylvania, but my therapist says I’m almost over that shock.

HE says: Yes, the Vampire Vineyards marketing machine has expanded the brand to include all things decadent and SHE’s so happy, SHE might just bite you.

SHE says: Yes, they’ve expanded their brand AND get this ~ Vampire Vineyards has opened VAMPIRE LOUNGE in Beverly Hills. Seriously?  Seriously.  I am finally satisfied.  Their brand just might be complete.

HE says: Do they “complete” you?

SHE says: La, la, la… I can’t hear you… la, la, la…

SHE also says:  Let’s start with Vampire Lounge.  It’s a store, it’s a bar, it’s a real lounge with gorgeous sofas, library books and even Vampire Tarot cards. Downstairs small tables, tall seats at the very beautiful, perfect sized bar.  Upstairs is comfy (the entryway to

Chandelier at the Vampire Lounge in Beverly Hills

upstairs reads Vampire Lyre) and what can I say… I love it when people understand what a lounge really is.

Vampire Lounge is cozy, and gorgeous which is how I like my lounges.   Upsatirs two sofas (one purple, one black), library books, Vampire Tarot cards, mirrors, small lamps, some chachtkas, the ever gorgeous  Haute Living magazine (vampires being about 500 years old live very Haute on the hog  ~ I can confirm this from personal experience) and I won’t tell you everything because you want to be a little surprised when you visit the Vampire Lounge.

With the right companions, it’s a blast.  HE could so totally help them with their food menu as it still needs some work, but vampires are so busy drinking blood that they just don’t eat very much.  (also confirmed from personal experience.)

Halloween gift options at Vampire Lounge? OMIGOSH! So many!

1) The Vampire Vineyards wines – reds and whites

2) The Trueblood wine label (not related to the television show)

3) The Chateau du Vampire label

4) Dracula wine label

5) J’ Taime sparkling wine

6) Vampyre Vodka (red and white)

7) Vampire coffee (so THATS how they stay up all night)

8) Vampire chocolate bars (good, but my guess is even better in the future)

9) Some beers called Witches Brew…

10) Vampire wine glasses

Lots of dark fun.  The only thing missing? A selection of vampire fangs.

Vampire Wine

Do be aware that the bottled wine prices at the lounge might seem a little steep, but they have discounts, so just ask for the details.   If you’re a last minute shopper, just stoppping in- it’s worth it. Consider joining their Vampire Wine Club and you’ll get some really nice perks.

If you’re doing your Halloween gift shopping a bit in advance, you can also find Vampire Wines at stores near you for $8.99 a bottle.  A quick phone call revealed  the store where I discovered Vampire Wines ~ Robert Burns Wines on Robertson Blvd. in Beverly Hills continues to carry the wines and they will be in stock very soon! Shahe did not yet know their price.

Do you love Halloween?  Leave a comment below and tell us your Halloween traditions!

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Happy Halloween!!

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