Cornerstone Cellars

2009 Stepping Stone “Rocks!” Red Wine (from Cornerstone Cellars)

HE says:  A few months back, we told you about Cornerstone’s rocking’ idea to create blended wines from what they determined is the best varietals of the vintage.

SHE says:  Here it is! It was a Cornerstone Fourth of July for us this year!

Cornerstone Cellars 2009 Stepping Stone "Rocks!"

HE continues:  We loved the white, which was a unique blend of chardonnay and muscat.  Well, I’m happy to say that the “Rocks!”  Red Wine follows nicely in its footsteps.  Ok, maybe more like plods over it because this is one big and bold wine.

It’s again a unique blend – zinfandel and pinot noir.  Now, I’m a huge zin fan and I don’t think I’ve ever had, yet alone heard of, such a pairing.  Zin is usually very fruity and “in your face” while pinot noir is more delicate and refined, so putting them together is a bit like having Mick Jagger duet with Sade.  But, you know, it works.

HE says some more:  The nose is really forward as is the fruit in this wine.  I didn’t know the blend when I tasted it and my senses kept telling me syrah.  The flavors are lots of black fruits and black cherry, with a hint of cocoa.  I thought it would have some zin, but I never imagined the pinot noir. Regardless, it’s a pretty juicy bomb of a wine.  The alcohol is up there, at 14.9% and the acid comes through more than the tannins.  So I recommend you have this wine with food, like barbecue ribs or meat or a juicy burger.
I rated it a very good 15.

SHE says:  You, my love have a complicated palate.  And you, my wine:  You’re a sharp, but friendly kinda wine.  Leaving a little fire in your path, I’ll likely follow. 🙂

Full disclosure stuff some fed somewhere thinks we should tell you:  This review is not a paid review.  We purchase most of the wines we write about (or steal them if we have to).  We do occasionally receive wine releases from Cornerstone Cellars.  Our readers know that free wine would never interfere with our honest opinions.  (Just glance around the blog and you’ll see that’s true.)

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