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How to Recycle Cork – more options from a reader!

How to Recycle Corks!

How to Recycle Corks - We have hundreds of corks. He's been collecting for 20 years. She's made her contribution in the last 5 years. The wine was drunk by dozens of people, but somehow we got the corks. Uh, thanks?

From reader Carrie H. in Los Angeles, CA ~ thanks, Carrie!

I was researching cork and what to do with used and – since you and your friends drink a lot of wine – decided to share.  I’m especially intrigued by the knifeguard and dinner party placeholder ideas, along  with the idea of adding ground cork to potting soil to help retain moisture.   

 There are also quite a few organizations that take used corks for re-use and recycling – and if you have friends who also have hundreds of corks to recycle, you can pile them all together “a communal cork bag” or barrel, I imagine you’d have enough for free shipping/pick up in no time.  One organization even supports a charity!

A quick search reveals many more.   Just me doing my small part toward reduce, re-use, recycle.


You can read even more about how to recycle cork – click here to read our first “recycle cork” post.

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  1. if it’s not mentioned already, how about cork playground ‘toys’ or mini playground chair, short tunnels, mini-benches for the wee tots, or slabs to ‘build’ temporary forts, towers and such.

    Or a gift for any too-chatty friend that’s just a cork with a note:
    Hey, stick a cork in it!

    kidding about the last one. Judy David (met you at the first of Judy Carter’s standup class last January. Had a busy year of acting with some comedy; wonder if you went further with it. Yours–great site.
    today jan 21, 2012


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