Frog’s Leap, Rutherford, Cabernet Sauvignon – or – How She Accidentally Won First Place

Frog’s Leap, Rutherford, Cabernet Sauvignon
SHE shares how to learn about wine. 

HE says: Remember the first wine dinner you attended at my house?

Frog's Leap, Rutherford, Cabernet Sauvignon

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SHE says:  I remember most of it.   I remember I brought the highest scoring wine.

HE says:  Beginner’s luck.

SHE says:  Of course.  Let’s see… I also remember you had to wake me up to tell me I had brought the highest scoring wine.  I remember misplacing the picture of me “Thanking the Academy” with my bottle of highest-scoring wine clutched like an award.  And I remember deleting another incriminating photograph or two.

HE says:  Yes, that’s the evening.  Do you remember what the wine was?

SHE says:  YES! Absolutely!  A Frog’s Leap Cabernet!

HE says:  Not just Frog’s Leap, but Frog’s Leap Rutherford, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2001 maybe? or 2002? I can’t recall.  How did you happen to choose that wine?

SHE says:  Years of research.  (As if…!)  Truth is, I was running late.  I ran into my neighborhood wine store “Mel and Rose” (on Melrose of course) and shouted “I need a Napa Valley cabernet for a blind tasting wine dinner w/a bunch of wine snobs!  What should I buy?”  HA HA!! No, I didn’t say “wine snobs” but I did say “people who know a lot more than I know about wine.”  The woman offered me a few wines, I took a leap of faith – and chose the Frog’s Leap.

HE says: Why? How did you know?

SHE says:  I didn’t know.  I chose it because at the bottom of the label,  there was a little note that read: “Open other end.”  It made me laugh. I thought, well, if the wine is no good, I’ll have a great laugh with everyone about that sentence.  And then it also occurred to me that a company with a sense of humour like that would probably make really good wine.

HE says: Very rustic tactics.

SHE says:  Rustic, certainly,  but it worked.  That time.  My other Mel and Rose story of purchasing a cabernet for your fancy wine dinner night did not turn out so well, as you’ll recall. We’ll save that for another blog post.

HE says:  And now Frog’s Leap, Rutherford, Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 (and 2001) included in the book FINE WINES, The Best Vintages Since 1900 by Michel Dovaz  from Assouline.

SHE says:  Which I believe you received from your lovely wife as a gift, correct?

HE says: Yes.  A great gift.

SHE says: You’re welcome.

SHE says:  If you’d like a primer on what’s-the-what on wines of the 20th century along with a fantastic time line of the history of the decades, extraordinary photos of these deeply beautiful and mysterious bottles in their environments, read the book!  It’s a very sexy book!  I’m not saying it’s a chick magnet, but….

Learn new words like “Apogee” and “Organoleptic” and then try to use them in a sentence after you’ve had a few glasses of wine.  And then video tape that effort and share it with us so we can all watch you learn!

Click the picture to read more about the book “Fine Wines”.

Awesome book! "Fine Wines, The Best Vintages Since 1900" Michel Dovaz, from Assouline

Fine Wines, Best Vintages Since 1900, by Michel Dovaz, Assouline (Sadly, wine not included.)

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