Sideways, the play? Yes! Sideways writer Rex Pickett transforms his story Sideways into a stage play!

Sideways the play at Ruskin Theater, Santa Monica CA

Sidways the book and Sideways the movie become a stage play!

She says: I love movies… so convenient, so easy to watch over and over again. But I REALLY love a good play.  Remember the book and movie Sideways, the tale of two friends for an “end of bachelorhood” wine weekend? Now there’s a stage play. 4 sure!  Any trick I can find to get He to a live theater, I’m using it. 🙂

Apparently they are serving very fine Pinot Noir each evening in the proper stem ware, too. So, check it out!

I have a feeling I’ll be seeing this more than once.

Show times and theater location for Sideways the play:

Big thanks to our friends at The Daily Sip for this news! Click here and you can read their interview with writer Rex Pickett.

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