Lake Chelan

2009 Mellisoni Riesling, Mellisoni Vineyards, Lake Chelan Washington

2009, Mellisoni Riesling

A view from the Riesling

2009 Mellisoni Riesling

He says:  Mellisoni said he makes this riesling in the style of one from Zind Humbrecht or Joh. Jos Prum.  To be honest, I have not tasted many German or French rieslings — most of my exposure has come from flabby, slightly sweet California rieslings that were pretty terrible.  This riesling (and others I tasted from BC) was a relevation.  It had a golden color, slight apple nose, with a floral tinge. Beautiful light green apple and golden raisin flavors. The finish was excellent. By far, at this point, it was the best riesling I ever had! It won a double gold from the Seattle Wine Awards and a gold in the San Francisco International Wine Competition. I scored it a 16! $35

She says:  I try so hard to understand the Germans and I fail every time.

Other notes:  (2008 just sold out, so look for the 2009)

Click here to read our notes from tasting at Mellisoni Vineyards.

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