Lake Chelan

2011 Mellisoni Pinot Grigio, Mellisoni Vineyards, Lake Chelan Washington

Mellisoni Vineyards photo collage2011 Mellisoni Pinot Grigio

He says:  Mellisoni Pinot Grigio has won double gold at Seattle 3 years in a row.  The grapes for this wine come from the left 20 rows of the vineyard. This wine was done in all stainless steel, has .09 residual sugar, but tastes completely dry. It has a beautiful golden color.  There are hints of pear in nose and mouth, along with hazelnuts. The wine was crisp and clean, with nice acid balance. Very refreshing. It pairs great with smoked salmon. I gave it a very fine score of 15+. $35

She says: You, Mr. Grigio, are one of my sexiest new friends.

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