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Mellissoni Vineyards, Lake Chelan, Washington – More Washington Wines!

Barrysentials He Said ~ She Said wine blog writers with Rob Mellisoni - Owner of Mellisoni Vineyards, Lake Chelan Washington, Those Washington wines!

He Said ~ She Said wine bloggers w/Rob Mellison – Owner of Mellisoni Vineyards

The necessary disclosures: As part of Wine Bloggers Conference 2013 , we enjoyed a deeply discounted Lake Chelan, WA wine country excursion. Mellissoni Vineyards was on our itinerary. As a reader, you already know – we enjoy a few random discounts and gifts, but they do not sway our honest observations or tasting notes.  

Mellisoni Vineyards, Lake Chelan, Washington

Mellisoni Vineyards, Lake Chelan Washington, Lake Chelan wine country

They’re waiting for you! What a view!

He and She both say: Overlooking the south shore of Lake Chelan, Mellisoni Vineyards specializes in high end whites and reds. Rob Mellison and his wife, Donna, began the winery in 2002, and have made tremendous strides in just a decade. Rob hosted a lunch and wine tasting for 8 of us prior to the start of the 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference, and we all really enjoyed his wines and his company.  Rob is a very friendly and engaging person, quick with a story, and even quicker with generous pours of his wine.  The first words he uttered as we sat down at our table on the beautiful lawn with the sparkling blue Lake Chelan in the background:  “There ain’t gonna be any spitting today!”

Melissoni Vineyards, Lake Chelan Washington, Lake Chelan Wine Country, Rob Mellisoni, Owner, Serious and seriously joyful about his wines and his life.

Rob Mellison

He says:  Well, that was true for the most part, but we did spit some because he likes to pour generously and it wasn’t even noon yet. Rob regaled us with stories about how he got started in the wine business.  It started with his work as a sales manager for a high end Italian cabinetry and drawer closure company where he got to entertain clients at top restaurants in Europe.  Because of a strong expense account during this time, he said he got to taste a lot of incredible wines.  So his approach at Mellisoni, he says, is to bring a great bottle of wine to his winemaker, Katy Perry, (no, not the pop star) and have her try to emulate that style using their available grapes.  I can’t say whether or not they are great reproductions, but I can say that the Mellisoni wines were uniformly terrific.

She says:  The tasting tradition at Mellissoni’s is an extraordinary experience. Similar to what we experienced in some of the bodegas in Argentina, your tasting will just be your group of friends, you need to call to make a reservation (Call: 509-293-1891 or email: you’ll be treated beautifully and you most likely won’t want to leave.  It’s a private event between you, your friends and the vineyard owner, Rob Mellison.  After so many years working for Italians, the food is in his blood now, so you’ll be served quite the feast – 6 bottles of wine to taste, a table full of Italian salami’s, prosciutto and melon (in season) Buratta cheese with tomatoes, hopefully you’ll get the pesto cheese, too, smoked salmon, rosemary crackers… are you hungry yet? Tastings are $65/person, it will last a few hours and you’ll depart with memories to last the rest of your life.

The spread for Mellisoni Vineyards wine pairing tasting - Mellisoni Vineyards, Lake Chelan Washington, Washington wines

The spread at Mellisoni Vineyards wine pairings tasting. Hungry? You will be when you get there!

She says... Boys will be boys. Forever.

He says:  The Mellisons bought these 10 acres of land in 2002, and the vineyards are on a very steep slope. He gave us adventurous guys a blast of a ride up the steep slope in his Yamaha Rhino 4-wheel drive. Rob told us that he personally leveled the portion of the property for that lawn area, and is about to break ground on a beautiful tasting room.  He also has ambitious plans to create a luxury spa area at the top of his vineyards.  What could be better than getting a massage, looking out at the beautiful grapevines and lake, sipping wonderful wines . . . . So if you’re thinking of going to the Washington wine country, we highly recommend that you make an appointment to  come and taste their wines, enjoy some food, and just have a great time.  You’ll be very glad you did.

She says:  Boys will be boys forever, won’t they? Click here to visit Mellisoni Vineyards website and to make reservations for you own exquisite tasting.  

Have some more at Mellisoni Vineyards, Lake Chelan Washington, Lake Chelan wine country

Reaching for another bottle.

Take it to the beach!

Take it to the beach!

After the tasting. Mellisoni Vineyards, Lake Chelan Washington, Washington Wines

8 people = 8 bottles. Do not try this at home. We are trained professionals.

To plan your own itinerary to Lake Chelan Wine Valley, get all the friendly help you need right here:

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