Movies About Wine Can Really Work: “You Will Be My Son” from Gilles Legrand

You Will Be My Son – Feature film directed by: Gilles Legrand
SEPT. 10 update:  You Will Be My Son opening at Landmark Theatres around the US.  Click to find a theatre near you!  http://www.landmarktheatres.com/Films/films_frameset.asp?id=123949

You Will Be My Son, French Film, Drama, Family Wine Heritage, Movie about wine

Opens in New York 8/16/13

Opens: August 16, 2013 – New York City, The Paris Theater, 4 West 58th Street, New York, NY 10019 Phone) 212-688-3800  http://www.theparistheatre.com
Written by: Delphine de Vigan – screenplay (adaptation / dialogue)
Laure Gasparotto – collaboration
Gilles Legrand – screenplay (adaptation / dialogue)

He and She both say:
Paul is the proprietor of his prestigious family wine estate and has no love and no faith in his son, Martin, a college educated winemaker, dedicated, dutiful worker in the estate and the rightful heir to the estate.

How a man like Paul carries on in a business that takes so many people to run, with no respect for and minimal rewards to the people who have built the business and help it run on a daily basis — is beyond my comprehension.  Paul lives in a cloud of his own self-importance.  He is “that father”.   The father who is never satisfied no matter what you’ve done for him.  Ehhh… so difficult to watch him “work it” for 1.5 hrs – let alone live and work with him for so many years as his son has done.

Here’s the degree of “all about me” that Paul lives in – His son rents a house on the estate and Paul can’t even be bothered to empty a room (an ENTIRE ROOM he refers to as “What room? Oh, you mean my shoe closet.”) so his son and new wife can expand their kitchen.

With Francois, his winemaker and estate manager, in the last months and weeks of his life due to cancer, Paul passes over giving his son a chance to learn from Francois and continue the family business.  Instead Paul consider’s Francois’ son, Phillipe
as a more appropriate choice to handle the harvest and eventually inherit the state.

It is a prodigal son returns sort of story for sure but so much deeper. The son who stayed on the land, faithful to the family and business is not respected and is tossed aside in favor of a prodigal “son” who left to travel and work – and isn’t even a son at all. It is also a story of a man who thinks anything he wants can be bought and anyone nearby is simply someone born to serve him.   Even his life-long friend, winemaker, estate manager’s only son.

The manipulations, the lies and the hidden secrets of the family and it’s workers are impeccably intriguing.  Twists and turns you never see coming are beautiful poetic justice.  You Will Be My Son is a very well acted and directed film and solidly engaging from start to finish. See it as soon!

The film was shot on location in the French region of Saint-Émilion at the Château Clos Fourtet. If you’d like to taste the wine from Chateau Clos Fourtet, you can shop the preliminary search we’ve created for you – http://ow.ly/nW8Bn

Full disclosure stuff:  We received a free preview screening of this film.  Luckily the film is just brilliant and it’s an incident of perfect match of wine and film for us. We truly loved it and think you will, too.  AND She says:  I will be watching it several more times!

P.S. A sentence that will never mean the same thing to you again “I hope you like your new shoes.”

Written by: Delphine de Vigan – screenplay (adaptation / dialogue)
Laure Gasparotto – collaboration
Gilles Legrand – screenplay (adaptation / dialogue)

Starring: Niels Arestrup as Paul de Marseul, Father and Proprietor of the Chateau
Lorànt Deutsch as Martin de Marseul, Paul’s son
Anne Marivin as Alice de Marseul, Martin’s wife
Patrick Chesnais as Francois Amelot, Estate manager
Nicolas Bridet  as Philippe Amelot, Francois’ son

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