@TastingPanel Brings on the Holiday Bar Buying Show! aka The Holiday 2013 Buying Show

Holiday Bar Show, Holiday 2013 Buying ShowShe says: Hospitality people.  I LOVE them! They always seem to know the latest and the greatest beverages, treats and excitement-makers for being sure a possibly dull ol’ get-together stays spicy and fun!  I find out about new drinks and wines in piecemeal – various magazines, blog posts, random surprises by a friend – but the pros are the pros for a REASON!

Are they just brilliant? Are they so much more “all that” than we are? NO… they just attend the Holiday Bar Show every year – and, well, we don’t.

It’s easy to see why the hospitality pros who DO attend the Holiday Bar Show are waaaay ahead of the party curve.  I mean – look at this list of exhibitors — funny, intriguing names that make you want to know more, more more!   On just the home page I’ve read of  SOYOMBO, TWISTED SHOTZ, KILLER BEE Bourbon & Honey – yum!, and NAUGHTY COW – what?? Show me that cow.

If you’re in New York – stop on by!! You’ll be “all that” when you use your knowledge from the Holiday Bar Buying Show to find unique libations for your own holiday parties. Or just use your new knowledge to find the most unique gifts for the hosts at all of those holiday parties you’ll have on your schedule.  From the looks of it, you’ll know more than most of us! Get all filled up with the latest and the greatest and then use it to make your friends happy!

Tickets to attend the exhibits?  Only $55   Click here:

Want to do more than just taste and gawk?  Learn something at the Seminars – only $140 before August 30

Get all the details right here:

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