Food Pairings

Food and Wine Pairing – Educational Poster from @WineFolly

He says: You need this.

He says: You need this.

He says:
 You need this.

She says: What? What? We’re going shopping?

He says: No. You need this Food and Wine Pairing Poster.

She says:  I doubt it.  I have you. What else could I possibly need?

He says: You’ve got to stop drinking any wine with any food – as if you don’t know what you’re doing.

She says:  But I DON’T know what I’m doing. That’s why I married you. And that’s why I have such a good time.

He says: I’m ordering it for you.

She says:  He’s right.  If you’re a food and wine enthusiast living with a food and wine newbie -or you want to elevate the pairing skills of  your staff at a restaurant, to a higher level,  take a look at the advanced food and wine pairing poster from

From the lightest and sweetest foods to the strongest, heaviest foods, appropriate types of wines are easily cross-referenced.  Along with recommendations of wine combinations for certain food combinations. is a site full of  all kinds of details about wine that you never knew you didn’t know.  Highly recommend.  Click here to visit

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