About He & She

HE is Barry Sloan, an education executive who has spent a lifetime tasting wines and making taste distinctions for the widest possible wines and food imaginable.  Sloan’s father was an early and frequent visitor to Napa and Sonoma counties during the areas beginning winemaking years and over the next 30 years collected some of the most memorable California vintage wines. Barry is now the steward of those California vintage wines as well as

Tasting Rodney Strong's 1974 Alexander's Crown Sonoma Vineyard's Cabernet

2011 – Tasting Rodney Strong’s 1974 Alexander’s Crown Sonoma Vineyard Cabernet.  The first single vineyard cabernet from Sonoma. Has it held up? Click the photo to read about it!

his own extensive collection of more recent, exceptional wines from Napa, Sonoma and the Santa Barbara wine regions.

SHE is Melinda Augustina, an actress, author, social media producer who generates social media content for clients and her own entertainment projects. Not raised on wine, nor blessed with a super-taster palate, Melinda relays the emotional impact of the personality of the wine in humorous and insightful ways.

Together they’ve traveled, tasted and written about wines in the United States, Argentina, Spain and Italy.  Their writings on Argentine wine were at the top of Google searches on “Argentina + wine” for 2 years, continue to appear on page 1 search results and month-after-month are the most read blog posts on their site.

Anything else interesting to know?  She says she married him because he spoke those three very important words, “Please. Don’t cook.”

Their battle of wit and wine eases the reader into wine appreciation, wine adventuring and reminds the reader that wine is, above all, to be enjoyed.

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