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  1. hey there just letting you know I am getting ready to uncork my 1980 Girard Cabernet its in a mag hopefully all will be greaaat.


  2. as i remember the intensity of the wine in color was a bit light towards the rim of the glass which surprised me at first the aromas took a little longer to evolve but they were worth the wait soft plum and violet the taste of the wine was truly all in balance it wasted for quite some time I must admit though i was just recently spoiled I had a chance to taste one of my other babies from a very nice ex wife a bottle of 1985 talbot which i had purchased a case of for us to enjoy for special occasions and such also in mag, this wine has really spoiled me it could have easily gone another 5-6 years intense color all the way to the rim of the glass deep hues and powerful aromas and all silky i still get goosebumps thinking about that wine… but not so much for the ex wife…hoping your girard turns out to be a good one…thanks

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