Which Wine Would Barry Serve?

Just type in a type of food you’ll be serving in the SEARCH area and and if we have written about that type of food,  you can read Which Wine Barry Served.  Let our choices inform your decision but remember, taste is a personal thing… in the end, it is always YOUR choice.

SHE SAYS: Barry’s experience and love of wine was a gift to him from his father.  When his father passed away recently, we inherited the senior’s enviable California vintage wine collection.   About 75 cases (back when cases were 12 bottles – not the new ones where 6  is the new 12)    And I thought, holy moley… what will we do with all that wine?  We’ll drink some, share some and most likely sell some, too.

Then this morning when he asked me which wine we should serve from our Cornerstone wines that are the feature of our wine dinner on Sunday,  it occurred to me — when WE die and we leave a whole lot of wine behind (I mean we’ll do our best to drink it, but let’s be realistic) where will all THAT wine go?  And who will know which wine to serve with which dinner? Or lunch? Or breakfast if you’re a lush.  We are the only wine obsessed couple in either family, so they won’t know what to do.   We’re planning on being around for 50 years or so, but when the time comes, these are important questions.

Maybe you haven’t inherited a house full of wine.   Perhaps you’re just trying to stumble through choosing wine for dinner with friends and not look like a hay-seed?  We understand.  And so we will create for you on this page, a simple, understandable, realistic and approachable resource:

“Which Wine Would Barry Serve?”
For the entire corny poem click here: http://ow.ly/1rlX9

On this bonus page, we’ll list dinner’s we’ve created and which wines we served with those dinners.   Let’s begin:

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

Dinner:  Braised Pork Ribs

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