Wine Accessories

Enjoy the same wine products we love!
We’ll post links to our favorite wine products.  From the practical books and movies to the truly “overkill” we enjoy them all.

BOOKS about wine and MOVIES about wine:

Books about wine!

Books about wine!

Books, books and more books, and movies, of course!
Click to view our notes on our favorite
Books about wine and Movies about wine.

Or take a quick peek at our 2 current favorites:

Beautiful and informative. Learn about the best vintages since 1900.

Learn about wine in Bottle Shock the movie

Charming and hilarious! Watch with friends!









How to clean wine glasses the easy way

How to clean wine glasses, easy, fast.

She says:  I can’t cook worth a darn, but let me tell you – I’m the friend to have around when it’s time to CLEAN!  How to clean wine glasses? Start with the very different, very effective foam brushes… Click to read more about how to clean wine glasses – and still have a life. 

How to clean wine glasses? Use the BEST cloth for drying immediately after washing!

How to clean wine glasses? Use BEST cloth for drying right after washing!

She says:  Now your wine glasses are clean – what about drying the wine glasses?  Air-drying your clean wine glasses leads to spots. Blech… a hassle when it’s time to serve wine again. Drying w/no-lint cotton leaves LINT and takes 4-ever!  Drying in the dishwasher almost always leaves spots, too.  It’s simple, when setting your table, you want wine glasses without spots, right? Right. This micro-fiber cloth will save you a ton-o-time.  Click to read about how I dry with this cloth.   Yeah, for now they’re made in China (sorry about that) but as soon as they’re made in America, I’ll get you that link!

How to decant wine the easy way.

How to decant wine the easy way! Easy = good!

She says: Decanting wine is a whole ‘nother job!  I learned how to do it “properly” a long time ago and quite frankly, until we hire the butler I so rightly deserve, it ain’t happening.  SO…what’s a modern American “girl-without-a-butler” to do?  Find the right wine accessory of course!

This groovy top-of-the-bottle wine decanter and aerator will serve you and your wine guests very well.  If the wine is too young and jumpy (like a certain hormonal teenager at your neighbor’s house) use the Soiree.  It will smooth out the too young wine in a New York minute.  If the wine is older and begs for decanting, and opening up for an hour (like you have that much time) use the Soiree.  Click the pic and learn more…

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